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Monday, September 24, 2012

Warsaw Market Watch

Greetings from Kiev!  Here is this morning’s Ukrainian stock performance summary, from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, based on Friday’s closing bell.  As a whole, the Warsaw Stock Exchange performed flat on the day with a slight decrease -0.08% for its second slight loss day after two days of moderate gains.  Looking at Ukrainian equities in particular across the Warsaw Stock Exchange, they performed in line with the market and closed down 0.39%, led by losses in value for certain weighted names in the mining, agriculture and food production sectors.

For specific results kindly see the table below, prices denoted in Polish currency (Zlotys).  Cheers – Jon

WSE WIG Index (total return index for Warsaw Stock Exchange listed companies): 43701.32 (-0.08%)
WSE WIG-Ukraine Index (total return index for Ukrainian listed companies):  696.75 (-0.39%) 

Ovostar Union NV (OVO PW):  101.00 (-0.2%)
Kernel Holding SA (KER PW):  62.50 (-0.24%)
Agroton Public Limited (AGT PW):  11.30 (+0.36%)
Astarta Holding NV (AST PW):  65.00 (-1.22%)
Industrial Milk Co (IMC PW):  14.50 (-1.29%)
KSG Agro SA (KSG PW):  12.89 (-5.66%)
Milkiland (MLK PW):  17.35 (+1.98%)
KDM Shipping Plc (KDM PW):  25.70 (-0.39%)
Coal Energy SA (CLE PW): 16.41 (+1.05%)
Sadovaya Group SA (SGR PW):  4.35 (-3.76%)
Westa Intl Scientific Group (WES PW):  0.90 (+18.42%)

Ukraine Business News

Ukraine Poised To Become Leading World Corn Exporter
According to the calculations of the Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, based on the Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations) data since 2000, corn yields in Ukraine increased annually by 2.3 tons per hectare, whereas the current global grain exporting countries (United States, Brazil, Argentina) increased their yields in the range of 0.8-1.4 kg per hectare.  During the past year, Ukrainian corn yields amounted to 64.4 tons per hectare, while in 2000 it stood at yield of 30.1 tons per hectare (e.g., doubling output).  Similarly, Ukrainian soybean productivity growth has increased greatly since 2000, at 0.68 tons per hectare annually, while the U.S. soybean yield growth for the same period is equal to 0.33 kilograms per hectare.  According to Dr. Alex Lissitsa, President of the Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, there is continued huge growth potential for Ukraine's agribusiness sector due to technology and farming methodology improvements, at a time when its global competitors have almost already touched their maximum crop production capacities. With continued productivity growth at 5% per year, Ukraine will be able to exceed corn exports by Argentina and Brazil, cementing a firm foothold in the second place after the United States - about 30 million tons annually - and growing.  (for more information see source article at  

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