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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Warsaw Market & Carbon Watch - Thursday 14 March

Happy Thursday from Kiev!  Here is the Ukrainian stock performance summary on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), based on the prior trading day's closing bell.  The WSE closed down (-0.26%), in line with mostly bearish European markets (FTSE -0.45%, STOXX -0.26%, CAC -0.10%, DAX +0.06%, IBEX -0.40%) and compared to bullish U.S. markets (DOW +0.04%, S&P +0.13%, NASDAQ +0.09%).  Looking at Ukrainian equities in particular across the Warsaw Stock Exchange, their index tracked the main Warsaw equities index, closing down (-1.10%) with gains in Sadovaya, Westa and KSG Agro unable to carry the day.  From a market depth standpoint, the highest trading volumes occurred in Westa (339,052 shares), Kernel (51,683 shares) and Sadovaya (53,062 shares).

For specific results kindly see the table below, prices denoted in Polish currency (Zlotys).  Cheers – Jon

WSE WIG Index (total return index for Warsaw Stock Exchange listed companies): 46888.37 (-0.26%)
WSE WIG-Ukraine Index (total return index for Ukrainian listed companies):  649.87 (-1.10%) 

Ovostar Union NV (OVO PW):  101.00 (-0.98%)
Kernel Holding SA (KER PW):  62.00 (-0.56%)
Agroton Public Limited (AGT PW):  9.35 (-0.95%)
Astarta Holding NV (AST PW):  59.90 (-2.60%)
Industrial Milk Co (IMC PW):  15.70 (-0.63%)
KSG Agro SA (KSG PW):  12.07 (+1.17%)
Milkiland (MLK PW):  15.19 (-0.39%)
KDM Shipping Plc (KDM PW):  32.50 (unch%)
Coal Energy SA (CLE PW): 10.00 (-1.19%)
Sadovaya Group SA (SGR PW):  2.00 (+2.04%)
Westa Intl Scientific Group (WES PW):  0.77 (+1.32%)

Carbon Trading

The ICE daily CER continued to trade as a political option with notional pricing, losing another 2 Eurocents after news that Ukraine issued another 31.5 million new carbon credits last week.  It finished the day at 0.16 EURO (-11.11%).  The rest of the market remains beneath this price and ERUs are trading around 33% of this price.

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